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At Pépé Gust’s, share a meal at any hour, enjoy a drink, meet people, laugh, or just have an all-around good time… you can even stay for the night!

Chef Axel Amiez, born and raised in Pralognan, prepares seasonal dishes made with local products. The beer is also locally brewed! Look for the bell tower, Pépé’s bistro is right next door!

Auguste Amiez, known as Pépé Gust ‘, is a pioneer of Pralognan La Vanoise village! He founded the first  social pub in 1937, the iconic Bar du Bochor that still remains today! Pépé Gust’ was not only a bartender, he was also shoemaker, hairdresser … The first alpine ski boots were taylormade by Pépé.

He also rented the first skis and skins to meet the growing demand of visitors. Pépé Gust ‘was a sharp skier and a skillful mountain climber! He is also the great-grandfather of the Chef, Axel Amiez and the Barmaid Florine De Leymarie, both Pralognan locals!




From: 0.0 € Night

Pépé Twin room has two separate beds and a fully equipped bathroom, suitable for two people....


From: 0.0 € Night

Pépé’s Twincamp room is cheaper. It offers two separate beds and a bathroom. The toilet is...


From: 0.0 € Night

Pépé’s Duocamp room is cheaper. It offers a double bed and a bathroom. The toilet is...