Pépé Gust'


Every season, Pépé Gust’ scours our mountains and valleys to uncover the cream of local suppliers. Here are a few:

Les Clarines

The best craft liqueurs in Savoie! Certainly Pépé’s favorite spot. It is located a few step from our Bistro. The delicacy of Virginie, the determination and creativity of Jean Claude give birth to fines and top quality liqueurs unrivalled in Tarentaise.

Brasserie du Mont-Blanc

Grandpa went to Chambéry (73) to flush out the perfect craft beer. Their high quality beer requires time, several weeks of care. This time brings balance and aromatic richness to their craft beers. Brasserie du Mont-Blanc whose quality is the spearhead is the First Brewery Savoyarde.

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Les Mousses du Dahu

Pépé Gust’ stopped his van when he saw the new sign Microbrewery “Les Mousses Dahu” in le Villard du Planay. His friend, Léo Delmau, a well known kid of the valley, produces local and craft beers! A new compulsory break for Pépé!

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Ice cream & Cows

Gust’ went to Plancherine (73)! On the heights of the Col de Tamié, the Glaces & Cows farm values ​​its milk to create terrific ice creams and delicious sorbets, full of  authenticity . Come and discover our selection of ice cream, our tasty milkshakes and the frosted Gust’

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La Fromagerie du Plan

At Virginie’s brother, Pepe supplies the best local cheese. Pierrick, cowboy and cheesemaker, runs a herd of 140 heads. He produces an excellent mountain cheese, the Beaufort and also the Sérac, a fresh cheese that comes along Pépé Gust’ dishes! Samantha, his wife, advises you in his shop with a wide selection of local cheese! Make your guests happy with a  localcheese platter!

Montagnes Saveurs

Grandpa Gust ‘furrows our mountains and our valleys to flush out good Savoyard products …
He went to Montagnes Saveurs in Aime (73)! Established for two generations in the heart of Tarentaise, Montagne Saveurs is the whole of fame butcher! Come and discover our selection of Savoyard meats!

Cafés Folliet

Pepe likes enjoying a good coffee and, above all, after a good lunch! Come and taste coffee Folliet, the unique Savoyard roaster! In exclusivity, Pepe also offers the Tea Flower! He learns that this thousand-year-old tradition was created around 420 BJC in China. Hand-wrapped tea leaves are woven around an edible dried flower, such as amaranth, lily and jasmine. The composition forms a ball that during the brew unfolds slowly!