Pépé Gust'

Côté Bistro

At Pépé Gust’, we experience life : share a meal at any time, toast, meet people, laugh, party … everything is possible, you can even sleep there!
Axel Amiez, our local chef, offers a seasonal cuisine, with homemade recipes and local approved products … the craft beer, also, is Savoyard!



  • Dishes to share, such as Guy Gros dry meat platter, Burrata AOP, Fromagerie du Plan local cheese platter.
  • Gourmet burgers, thinked and prepared with the local bakery and our savoyard meat supplier . The burgers bear the names of Pépé Gust’ family members ‘! You probably want to bite one of them!
  • Local meat to eat alone or to share. They come with terrific dressings, homemade french fries, pan-fried vegetables. Our meat selection will make you shudder. The excellent faux-fillet, the 1kg rib steak , the delicious leg of lamb, you have the choice, the choice of good and local. All our meats are grown and slaughtered in SAVOIE!
  • Typical Bistro dishes: veggie salad with marinated peppers and feta cheese, salad with goat cheese croutons and spicy bacon, buttered garlic and parsley frog legs, poultry ravioli with truffled carbonara juice, veal’s head sauce gribiche…